Employee Benefits

Manage and communicate the existing benefits you provide to your employees and cost effectively add new benefits all in one easily accessible place!

Employers need to motivate their staff beyond simple salary and bonus schemes to give themselves a competitive edge.

Flexible benefits and rewards schemes are a key tool that enables an employer to enhance an employee’s quality of life in and beyond the workplace. They enable you to:

  • Position yourself as an employer of choice and be able to compete for the best talent in your market segment
  • Empower your employees by providing them with flexibility and choice around their remuneration package
  • Harmonise the benefits across your organisation and use as a cost containment tool for certain insurance benefits
  • Offset pay rise pressure from your workforce through a broader range of remuneration related choices
  • Gain employee loyalty and reduce recruitment costs and labour turnover
  • Reduce time to hire by attracting the best candidates with benefits that meet their individual requirements

Providing a rich and exciting benefits scheme does not have to be an administrative headache. You at Work has developed a streamlined and user friendly cloud based solution that lets you optimise the provision benefits and other services to your staff.

You at Work delivers:

  • Significant admin time savings and reduction in recruitment related costs as your staff loyalty increases
  • Many benefits create tax and NI savings for employers as well as employees. Your staff also benefit from the buying power of our retail discounts team
  • Predictable fees - No upfront fees or hidden costs – monthly charges scale predictably as your organisation grows
  • Full suite of eye-catching communication tools to optimise engagement and position you as an employer of choice
  • Exciting mix of pre-configured benefits for with preferential provider rates and exclusive discounts
  • Intuitive portal providing a wide range of benefits and discounts to your staff

You At Work Popular Benefits

These are just some of the benefits our customers and their employees love and use every day!


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