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World Cancer Day 2017 – Preparing for Employee Cancer SupportFebruary 4th was World Cancer Day. A day on which millions of people unite to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer. Researchers have made great strides in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and although some types are becoming more manageable, the risk of cancer is increasing. Read More
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Box Sets and The Cabinet Foiled My Wellbeing Plans!As we head into January, I won’t be the only one thinking about the ‘better self’ I’m going to be in 2017. More organised, more productive, healthier, fitter, and so on. And while many of us do indeed make progress, day-to-day life often has a habit of getting in the way.Read More
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Everyone preparing to break their New Year’s resolutions in 2017According to research, two thirds of us break our New Year’s resolutions by the end of January.* Our intentions to get fitter or eat healthily or spend more time with family are meant well but we tend to be less good at planning and preparing to make the lifestyle change.Read More

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Online Payslips – A Modern Amendment To Our Workplace Ritual!Payslips are one of the last formal documents you receive with any frequency that are still printed onto paper. As secure documents including bank statements, credit card statements, and even employment contracts have moved online, the humble payslip has remained steadfastly…printed.Read More
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Reward & recognition you can predict without a crystal ballThe immediate impact of Brexit is of course well known, but as we head into negotiations to leave the EU, the medium to long term effects are more uncertain. The experts’ post-Brexit predictions on the economy, output, and Read More
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Retailers can’t predict everything but they know exactly how to make our money go further over the holiday season.We’re fasting approaching the busiest period in the year for retailers with fierce competition and several compelling events yet to play their cards and determine the sales and profitability of our high street shops and restaurants.Read More

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We check our phones 85 times each day. Start with this when improving internal communications.We check our mobile phones and social channels eighty five times each day.* Assuming we are awake for fifteen hours per day, that equates to us engaging with our phones approximately every ten minutes. Read More
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My heart is 11 years younger than me!This time last year I went for my first ever health screening. I was 43 and painfully aware that, although I had lost a lot of weight, started exercising and ate fairly well, I hadn’t always treated my body with the respect it deserves – so you can imagine, I was a tad nervous! Read More
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I’ve owned 9 bikes. 8 have been stolen!I’ve owned nine bikes while living in London. Eight of them have been stolen. I’m also painfully aware that cycling can be dangerous (traffic); uncomfortable (too hot, too cold, too wet); and inconvenient (it’s hard to carry a business suit to work without creasing it).Read More