Bring all your fragmented benefits onto a single platform

Less admin, less cost, better engagement

If you have numerous benefits with different providers and your staff can't easily see their overall remuneration and make easy benefits selections, read on!

Bring your fragmented benefits strategy onto a single, intuitive platform with great communications, making it easy for an employee to browse, choose and use the benefits you provide. Give your staff a better experience so they use it more and cut your admin and costs. You can keep your existing providers, or take advantage of our buying power to get you lower costs and cut the admin of managing multiple contracts.

The switch is often cost neutral and you can be up and running in no time!


Why businesses like you like us

Consolidation - if you already have benefits through various providers, we can put them all together on one user-friendly platform, reducing your workload and potentially cutting costs.

User-friendly - your employees will see a familiar online shopping experience making it super easy to browse and choose benefits.

A range of choice - you can add new and exciting benefits to your current offering suited to your employees so they are offered a whole suite of benefit options to select from and you can change which benefits to offer as your workforce develops.

Ease of communication - having all your benefits on one fully automated platform means communicating with your employees is much more efficient and has no admin burden attached.

Cost savings - you can often cover the cost of your scheme through the savings generated and your employees can save hundreds of pounds each year.

Valuable insights - our intuitive software will manage results and give you a thorough understanding of what your employees want, allowing you to evolve your scheme and make changes whenever you like.

Supportive - our friendly customer support experts are available 24/7 on any device, with phone and live chat, so there is no need for you to employ dedicated staff.

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