Enable easy and controlled two way communication between the company and employees by harnessing the latest communications tools from our Grapevine software!

Leverage the latest internal communication software.  Help engage your most important asset, your staff.

Why do I need it?

With internal communication software in today's world,  there is no excuse for poor intra-company and intra-colleague communications.  However employees complain that they are not aware of what is happening within the company. You can address this through the provision of a few easy to use tools to help facilitate communication. Empower your company and employees to communicate more frequently and effectively.

What are the features?

You at Work's internal communication software, known as Grapevine, provides a tried and tested set of tools to do this:


Enable the promotion of offline and online events, through an easy to use event notification feature.


Enable the creation of online communities, where employees can share text, photos and videos. Start creating an online space within the company where they feel they belong.


Enable the company and employees to post key information which can broadcast to the company as a whole.  This might be key company news, for example a major new client win or product release. Or it could be something very personal, for example congratulations on the birth of a new born.

Document Library

Enable a storage for easy access to core company documentation e.g. proforma travel and expenses forms or the staff handbook


Enable the creation of a blog, which might cover a particular aspect of the business. Along with easy interaction with others interested in the same subject.


The software has been designed to notify users of new content and to encourage use of its features.

Administration and Analytics

The software is easy to manage in respect of users, groups and privacy. It gives an easy way to create and monitor intra company communications in a closed and secure company specific space.

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You At Work grapevine internal communication software
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