Reward and Recognition

Everyone wants to feel valued.  We can give you the tools to encourage this by enabling employees to have fun and give feedback through our engaging peer to peer evaluation software!

Reward and Recognition done well is the secret to engaged employees

Employee reward and recognition is a key HR tool that helps you to reinforce and reward the most important performance, thereby encouraging more of the same. When you recognise good performance and reward good performance, you encourage those actions and behaviours to be repeated not just by the individual but also by their close peers.

If you do this well, this positive feedback mechanism will help your staff will feel valued and motivated to excel. They will have fun rewarding each other and you will find you have a more cohesive and committed workforce.

To make this work effectively the process needs to cover all employees and not to be manager led as that can lead to a sense of favouritism. It has to have sufficient detail to enable the specific action or behaviour which is being recognised to be recorded. Ideally it should be accessible 24/7 to enable immediate recognition wherever possible.

You at Work's reward and recognition software does all of this, enabling individuals to recognise the performance of others in a fun and engaging way and to be rewarded for their positive performance and for this achievement to be communicated to them and their colleagues instantaneously.

It also enables appropriate levels of rewards to be delivered on a timely basis, with easy fulfilment of this through the automatic connection to our online giftcard shop.

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We never stop developing our products and services. We spend 20% of revenue on R&D each year to make sure we can always deliver the best platform. Plus over 50% of our staff are in customer facing roles as we know how important great customer service and support is, for making employee engagement products work

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