Online Emotional Wellness

Help employees increase their positivity levels, reduce stress and gain higher levels of resilience.

Online Emotional Wellness

We live in an era of rapid change and that presents new challenges for individuals, corporations and society.  This is a web based digital platform designed to increase an employee’s positivity levels, reduce their stress levels and become more resilient. 


A choice of over 30 simple evidence-based exercises, each of which only takes a few minutes a day to complete.

Everything is based on simplicity, accessibility and engagement.

Easy access in times of need and encourages them to develop positive daily mental wellbeing routines. 

Online support guiding employees towards increased positivity levels, reduced stress levels and higher levels of resilience.

Employees are encouraged to store the exercises they find the most helpful in their personal dashboard favourites area.

Links to recognised, confidential and external support, for a wide range of high level risk factors including, depression, addiction and suicidal thoughts. 

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“You at Work are proactive and configure the software and processes to suit our complex and varied benefits schemes. I would not hesitate in recommending them to other companies to help them with their online benefit offerings.”

Caroline Collins | UK HR Manager | Regis UK Ltd