Workplace ISA

Give employees the chance to make more of their money with a workplace ISA.

Workplace ISA

Investing their money in a smart way can help employees feel more in control of their finances and their future, providing a way to save for things like buying a home, starting a family or ticking things off the bucket list.


What are the benefits ...?

Helps you look after your employees' financial wellbeing

Automatic investment monitoring provides a level of security and peace of mind

Significant discount on charges to boost investment returns

A workplace ISA provides employees an opportunity to get a better return on their investment than other saving options

Buying an investment ISA can be a daunting prospect. A workplace ISA makes the process simpler and easier

Gives employees a tool to plan their financial future

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“The scheme is proven and easy to adopt and has helped us create a best in class candidate experience not only attracting the brightest minds, but setting the scene for the employment experience they can expect at the firm.”

Donna Clark | HR Consultant| FBC Manby Bowdler