Hi, I’ll have the haircut, Indian head massage and street food, thanks.

There’s great article here in the Harvard Business Review on perks that matter to employees. From the US it packs a punch for anyone looking for inspiration or reviewing the benefits in their company.

I’ll let you read the article yourself but for us, these are the must haves for a great benefits package;

The Essentials

Benefits schemes are built around heavy weight benefits like child care vouchers, private medical insurance, cycle to work, and gymflex. And for good reason, the data consistently shows employees want their employers to help them make their salaries go further and support health and personal development.

Flexible Work

Nothing new here as mobile and remote working becomes the new norm as we seek a better work life balance. Flexible working, holiday trading, and work from home days are increasingly straightforward policies to adopt and the study adds weight to the value employees place on flexibility in their day and the impact on company performance.

The stuff employees talk about

Keeping your scheme fresh with new ideas can be tricky. We like to ask a couple of questions; what’s going to make day to day life easier for your staff? And, what new experiences can you give them, something they haven’t done before that can still be done at work?

The former can centre around ‘chores’, for example, having the local dry cleaners provide a collection service, or onsite haircuts (well if it’s good enough for google). The latter can be the more interesting ideas. Indian head massages, or street food days (check out Feast it) that give new experiences and re-enforce your brand.

We talk with businesses every day of the week about their aspirations as a company and how they bring their workforce into a shared vision for mutual success. We love nothing more than seeing a client go live with a platform and benefits we know the staff in that company will love. Innovative and well thought out to benefit the staff and company alike. If you’re bringing your benefits scheme up to standard, get in touch and we’ll share some of our favourite and most popular perks!