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Building an employee benefit business case

How to build an employee benefits business case

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, it is becoming more important to retain valued staff and to attract the best new talent out there. More than a third of employees consider perks and benefits before accepting new jobs and almost seventy percent of workers say they would stay with their current employer if the benefits are worthwhile.
Implementing an employee benefits platform

Implementing a successful employee benefits platform

When thinking about how to evaluate, procure and measure the success of a benefits platform, see the process as a virtual circle. Be clear about what you want from the start and why.
Everything will flow from that including how and what to evaluate in a potential platform.
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Comms strategies that really work

Benefit communication strategies that really work

Introducing a new benefit is not a lot different to introducing a new product to your customers. Using a well-orchestrated, carefully thought out variation of classic communication planning and strategies, you should be able to set yourself up for success and see great engagement from your employees. Download your guide here.
Helping employees with their everyday living costs

Imaginative ways to help employees with their everyday living costs

We have come up with a list of 20 ways you, as an employer, could help employees manage their everyday living costs and improve their overall financial wellbeing. Some might not be appropriate for your business, but they might spark off other ideas that could make all the difference to your employees’ wallets.
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Helping employees to look after their own mental, physical and financial wellbeing

Helping employees look after their mental, physical and financial wellbeing

It’s well known that prevention is better than cure. So, when it comes to helping employees look after their own physical, mental and financial wellbeing, we need to look at support that they can engage with long before the potential cracks start to appear. Download your guide to find out more.