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from wellbeing to welldoing

From wellbeing to welldoing

From wellbeing to welldoing - introducing our latest collaboration 🤝 The last three years have been tough for everyone. From the pandemic to the cost of living crisis, employee stress ...
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Interest free cycle loans

Saddle up for interest free cycle loans

Do you have employees not eligible for your traditional Cycle to Work scheme? Typically, it's employees who would fall below national minimum wage, or those who work remotely, who wouldn't ...
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2023 top tips

Top 3 tips to help employees get through 2023

Top 3 tips to help employees get through 2023. Just as we were all recovering from the pandemic, wham, 2022 hit us like a ton of bricks with the cost ...
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Top 7 tips to help employees cut the cost of Christmas

With the Autumn Statement now delivered and the cost of living crisis still a major worry for families across the UK, employees will also have to cope with the looming cost of ...
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sunday telegraph feature

Cost of living crisis isn’t going away anytime soon…

Autumn is officially here and the cost of living crisis isn't going away anytime soon... how can we help employees weather the storm?With high energy costs, and mortgage interest rate ...
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Cycle to Work - more than just NI savings

Top 4 reasons to introduce a C2W scheme that aren’t about NI savings!

Cycle to Work is one of the most popular benefits that employers offer. Offered as salary sacrifice both employers and employees get to make NI savings on the monthly deductions, ...
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Gift Card Recognition

Now you can give the “thumbs up” with a Gift Card – just a click away!

With the cost of living causing us all to reign in our spending, what better way to help your employees than rewarding them with a digital or physical gift card ...
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You at Work extends #makeyourpaygofurther campaign

Through our #makeyourpaygofurther campaign, we are making it our personal mission to give our clients as much help as possible to help them better promote their Benefit Platforms during this ...
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Alleviating employee stress

3 key ways to help employees in stressful times.

We’re at the end of Stress Awareness month and there’s enough happening already to make us all feel stressed. The war in Ukraine, Covid and the Cost of Living Crisis ...
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