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Never been a better time to think bike!

There’s no financial limit on cycle to work schemes now, the health benefits are obvious, it’s a greener way to get around and you may have been able to claim ...
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6 ways to improve mental wellbeing during lockdown

Written by Louise Chunn In May there was a Mental Health Awareness Week, but mental health is not something that can be allocated a week-slot and then forgotten about. Especially ...
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Covid-19 Work from home

Benefits to support employees during the Covid-19 outbreak

Benefits to support employees during Covid-19 outbreak Many things have changed in such a short space of time and we’re all learning to adapt to new ways of working plus ...
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a greener benefits package

Is it time to relaunch your benefits scheme with a greener message?

With Benefit in Kind of 0% on zero-emission vehicles coming in April and the growing focus on the climate crisis, carbon footprints and the green agenda, there has never been ...
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We’ve had the roaring twenties. Will these be the soaring twenties?

The roaring twenties were characterised by economic prosperity and there was an air of modernity and a break with tradition. Will the next decade of twenties see this repeated but ...
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imaginative financial wellbeing

Imaginative ways to help employees manage their living costs and improve their financial wellbeing

It’s an inevitable fact that the cost of living rises every year, including costs for where we live, what we put in our fridge, our energy bills, the car in ...
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Here’s how to enable employees to look after their own mental, physical and financial wellbeing

It’s well known that prevention is better than cure. So, when it comes to how to enable employee physical, mental and financial wellbeing, we need to look at support that ...
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well orchestrated benefits

Why well-orchestrated communication is key to ensure benefits buy-in from employees

Introducing a new benefit is not a lot different to introducing a new product to your customers. Using a well-orchestrated, carefully thought out variation of classic communication planning and strategies, ...
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Evaluating success

How to evaluate, procure and measure the success of a benefits platform

When thinking about how to evaluate, procure and measure the success of a benefits platform, see the process as a virtual circle. Be clear about what you want from the ...
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