Transform your client relationships and your bottom line...

...with an employee benefits platform in partnership with BenefitHut® from YouatWork

If you’re looking at ways to gain new clients, deepen relationships with your existing customers and at the same time drive extra revenue to your bottom line, You at Work have two partnership plans that will deliver on all three.

Level up the employee benefit playing field for your clients, no matter how large or small they are! Because... whichever plan you go for your platform will include access to an exciting mix of specially negotiated market leading benefits packaged and priced to make it a no brainer for your clients. They'll also get 1000s of ways to save money from supermarket and high street shopping to DIY purchases, motoring costs, days out and utility bills.

Reward and Recognition and Company Intranet modules and other online engagement tools are also available.  All customisable and so easy to use and that your customers will love! Not only that we will help you every step of the way - from supporting your sales team to getting you up and running.

That’s what being in a rewarding partnership with YouatWork means. You get everything you need from the tools to do the job, to knowledge and experience on the ground.



Looking to add value to your clients and generate extra revenue but don’t have the time, knowledge or capacity to administer your own benefits platform?

Then consider becoming an Introducer  of BenefitHut®. 


Looking for a benefit platform that you can white label as your own to complement your existing business, add value to your clients and create an extra revenue stream?

Then consider becoming a
Licensee of BenefitHut®


As an Introducer, you get...

  • A hands off solution to give your clients everything they need to provide extremely valued employee benefits to their employees. All implementation and communication is handled by us.
  • Promotional material to help you market to your clients.
  • An administration platform that your clients will find really easy to use.
  • To include the products that you provide with our ‘standard’ BenefitHut® to support your product penetration
  • Ongoing commission - however ... not just an Introducer's one off fee, you’ll get an ongoing monthly fee from all your client monthly payments.
  • FREE Employee Assistance programme for every one one of your clients with our “standard” option.

Choose the right plan for you...

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As a Licensee, you get...

  • A benefit hub with your own branding and a range of modules you can use to manage your own client base.
  • To include your own products to sit alongside the You at Work benefits. making it a truly wraparound benefit platform to help with client penetration.
  • Full pre-sales and sales support including assistance with scheme and comms design and technical requirements.
  • Easy to use admin tools with insights into scheme use, adoption rates, popular benefits and more.
  • A unique interactive benefit catalogue making it easy to switch benefits on for your clients and have all the associated admin sorted in minutes.
  • An automated campaign manager that gives you the ability to create a full suite of eye-catching online employee communication tools.

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Aston Lark
Open Money

"Being able to have our own white-labelled benefits platform has allowed us to add to our client value proposition, without the huge investment in the technology needed due to the seamless integration we have."


Licensee or Introducer? Download our guide to help you decide.

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Licensee or Introducer Guide

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