Give your Employees a public pat on the back with our powerful Recognition & Rewards software

A more collaborative company culture

Greater staff engagement and motivation

Improved customer service and satisfaction

Stronger, more unified teams and departments

Increased productivity and improved organisational health

Has introducing Reward and Recognition been on your agenda for a while, but you just had a feeling it would be too costly and time consuming to set up? Well, we would like to introduce you to our new module for Reward & Recognition. It's a way to support the retention of your most valued employees, by giving them a meaningful and public pat on the back, and at the same time we've kept it really simple for you to set up and maintain.


Create a supportive culture…

… with a public pat on the back using our new Reward and Recognition module complete with fun and engaging social interaction tools.


Drive employee behaviour…

… with perks that actually mean something to your employees, linked to your company values. Be as creative as you like…


Experience Day


Cinema Tickets


Valet Service


An Afternoon Off


Team Lunch


Many more...!


Save time...

… with our quick and easy set up and the ability to see at a glance what’s working and who needs more of your support.

4 steps to Recognition

Book your demo now to see how you can create a supportive culture and drive employee behaviour, which ultimately will help drive the performance of your business....all with very little time and effort required on your part!