Study shows that cycling to work can reduce the risk of heart disease

Incorporating exercise into your daily commute, such as walking and cycling, has long been recommended. Today, the BBC published an article making clear the benefits of cycling to work.

As an advocate of cycling to work, the five-year study into active commuting shows that whilst walking and a combination of activities can reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer, but it was those who chose to cycle that showed the lowest risk. This is believed to be due to the greater intensity of cycling compared to walking; 90% of cycle commuters achieved the recommended amount of exercise, compared to only 54% of walking commuters and surprisingly, 51% of non-active commuters.

Where previous studies into the benefits of active commuting have often been where there has been good supporting infrastructure, such as Nordic countries. In the UK, encouraging more commuters to cycle to work would require important policies to be suggested, such as cycle lanes, cycle-to-work schemes, and increasing provision for cycles on public transport.

British Cycling has already proposed for tax breaks for employees and employers to encourage greater adoption of cycling to work. As we have previously argued, employers who offer cycle to work schemes as part of their employee benefits package need to do more to make it an attractive option such as security, showers and safer riding courses.

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