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Hi, I’ll have the haircut, Indian head massage and street food, thanks.

There’s great article here in the Harvard Business Review on perks that matter to employees. From the US it packs a punch for anyone looking for inspiration or reviewing the ...
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Will extended childcare and childcare vouchers finally solve the return to work dilemma?

Labour’s manifesto, all 124 pages of it is out and although it may not have grabbed the headlines, child care reform is on its way if Labour succeeds in the ...
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From Milk Float to Golf GTI…

Milk floats. Those of us from a certain era, before out of town supermarkets and changing shopping habits killed them off, may remember milk floats whizzing around our neighbourhoods at ...
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Study shows that cycling to work can reduce the risk of heart disease

Incorporating exercise into your daily commute, such as walking and cycling, has long been recommended. Today, the BBC published an article making clear the benefits of cycling to work. As ...
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World Cancer Day 2017 – Preparing for Employee Cancer Support

February 4th was World Cancer Day. A day on which millions of people unite to raise awareness and funds to fight cancer. Researchers have made great strides in the diagnosis ...
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Box Sets and The Cabinet Foiled My Wellbeing Plans!

As we head into January, I won’t be the only one thinking about the ‘better self’ I’m going to be in 2017. More organised, more productive, healthier, fitter, and so ...
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Everyone preparing to break their New Year’s resolutions in 2017

5 Steps To Implementing A Scheme According to research, two thirds of us break our New Year’s resolutions by the end of January.* Our intentions to get fitter or eat ...
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Online Payslips – A Modern Amendment To Our Workplace Ritual!

Payslips are one of the last formal documents you receive with any frequency that are still printed onto paper. As secure documents including bank statements, credit card statements, and even ...
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Reward & recognition you can predict without a crystal ball

The immediate impact of Brexit is of course well known, but as we head into negotiations to leave the EU, the medium to long term effects are more uncertain. The ...
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Retailers can’t predict everything but they know exactly how to make our money go further over the holiday season.

We’re fasting approaching the busiest period in the year for retailers with fierce competition and several compelling events yet to play their cards and determine the sales and profitability of ...
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