Why You at Work?

Our easy to use, secure and flexible platform delivers a comprehensive suite of benefits and discounts tailored to meet your employee and company needs. Accessible 24/7 from any device.

Fast to Deploy

Why wait weeks? We can quickly set up your employee engagement portal, branded to your corporate identity and loaded with the benefits you've selected.


Good communications means maximum engagement. Engaged employees take up the benefits on offer; reap the rewards; and appreciate your investment in them.

Fun and Rewarding to Use

 Fresh and intuitive design, simple navigation and easy access to all the information you need are essential ingredients for a successful employee engagement portal.

Easy to Manage

Full suite of automated reporting, administration and support tools to make it as easy for you to use as 1,2,3. Get insights into your scheme like never before.

Innovative and Secure

Leveraging the latest technologies we combine all our solutions on one platform making life easy for you; delivered from our dedicated and secure IT UK based infrastructure.

Highly Affordable

Clients can often cover the cost of their scheme through the savings they generate; while employees can save hundreds of pounds a year. It is a win win for everyone.

How to build your business case for offering employee benefits

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Build an employee benefits business case

Why Companies Choose You at Work


  • Be the company everyone wants to work for with competitive benefits and market leading discounts that attract your kind of people and encourages them to give that little bit extra.


  • Engage everyone with benefits that everyone wants. Cater for all demographics whether it’s discounts on the high street or family friendly activities.


  • Hit revenue targets as engaged employees work harder, innovate, find new markets, products and ideas to outmanoeuvre your rivals.


  • Reinforce your culture and foster a sense of belonging and community with communication tools to share news, updates and events.
Manager in discussion with coworker in an open plan office

Case Study – FBC Manby Bowdler

Read how FBC Manby Bowdler improved their employee benefits schemes for their existing and brand new hires, as well as the challenges they faced to ensure the schemes were a success

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