Holiday Trading

Sometimes with even a generous holiday entitlement it makes sense to offer your employees the chance to buy some extra days holiday to take that trip of a lifetime or to spend more time at home.

The benefits of Holiday Trading

With a flexible holiday trading scheme, employees are able to buy and sell holiday time to suit their personal needs. If you are interested in giving your employees the option to spread Holidays around and adjust their gross salary, this is the choice for you.

The cost of the extra days is spread over 12 months and employees save on the TAX and NI they would have paid making it a super way to keep your employees happy.


Cost of each additional day is 1/ 260th of annual basic salary. Employees spread the cost over 12 months and save Tax and NI.

A certain number of additional days can be purchased or sold by employees; to be used in line with your company's holiday policy.

Days can be used individually or all in one, and tagged onto existing holiday booked.

Increasingly popular benefit allowing employees to enjoy more time off or indeed less. Those who sell boost their take home pay as a result.

Majority of employees are still buying rather than selling holiday; allowing them to take extra time to suit their personal and family needs.

Helps you to support flexible working policies and to provide a high valued benefit to help motivate and retain employees.

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Caroline Collins | UK HR Manager | Regis UK Ltd